We didn’t start the fire…

We are a troop with a lot of traditions. One of which is most important is the troop’s history and how we can make that better. With that in mind my focus for 2017 is building the legacy.

Troop 890 is like a camp fire. It started small and as branches and logs were added it grew, becoming a fire that warmed the whole community. As time passed new logs, branches were added to the fire. The old branches and logs burned away leaving a good bed of coals to keep the Troop 890 fire burning. The level of the fire gets higher and lower over the years. Depending on the type of wood added to the fire it could be bright and hot like dried cedar or it can burn long and strong like a dry oak log. The longer the wood burns the better the coals it leaves behind for others to build on.

Sometimes the wood is green and not ready to be burned. That doesn’t mean it can’t be part of the fire it just needs to be prepared to burn to it’s potential.
The Troop 890 fire is burning now but it always needs more oak logs to help create heat today and coals for the fire of tomorrow.

How can you become part of the fire?
Start as a kindling, volunteer. – If you have a skill share it with the troop. If you aren’t sure what to do ask. The leaders of today were once in your shoes and were clueless as first year scouts. We can help you learn or can often just use your presence to help make things work better.

Become a branch, get trained. Go to Adult Scout Specific Training and Outdoor Leadership Training. These courses will help you understand the objectives of Scouting, how the Troop operates and how you can get involved.

Become an oak log, go to Wood Badge. This is the highest level of adult training. All our first year scout masters, many quartermasters and committee chairs have been through Wood Badge Training. It is important for us to have as many Adults with this training as possible as it helps keep the energy of the troop alive and burning. Adults who go through wood badge are critical as they are prepared to assist with most any role in the troop if there is a need. This can be as simple as coordinating a project to running a camp out to becoming a first-year scoutmaster. Wood Badge Trained adults become the coals that make the fire burn the hottest.

Be a part of the fire and it will go on and on.

Author: Todd Allen

890 Scoutmaster, beginning June 2018